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How to have self-acceptance?

How to have self-acceptance?

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    A successful person is someone who experiences challenges and accepts failure and unhappiness as a part of life. They are open with others and generally have positive feelings about themselves. Rogers believes that this is what it takes to be a functioning person in this world. It is this kind of person that can more readily get over negative thoughts without chasing them down the rabbit hole. On the other hand, an unsuccessful person avoids challenges and refuses to accept the pain and unhappiness life produces. They are often defensive as a result of negative feelings about themselves, and they can’t escape these negative thoughts. Negativity rules their world in a destructive way. t makes sense that self-esteem stems from self-acceptance. This means that you need to accept who you are and not who you think you’re supposed to be. This also means that you need to accept your good qualities and your bad ones. And yes, everyone has both good and bad qualities.

    This is a place people get stuck – not being able to admit they have flaws and, once they accept their flaws, not being able to live with these flaws.Further research shows that high levels of self-acceptance can lead to less focus on negative aspects of oneself and a higher likelihood of engaging in acts of self-love.So, how can you improve your self-acceptance and live a fuller life? You can start by asking yourself this question: How close is the person you are to the person you want to be?

    Don’t answer quickly. I want you to take a deep breath and analyze where you are in your life. Analyze who you are in your life. What is your dynamic with the people you’re around most? What is one of your defining qualities? What is one of your best qualities? Do these things align? What would your friends say about you? What would an acquaintance say about you? What would your family say about you?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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