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Give life to your goal through your vision board

Give life to your goal through your vision board

Some of the world’s most influential thought leaders—Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Oprah, for starters—all agree: It’s wholly possible to turn your dreams into reality. It’s called manifestation. Well, that and hard work.

It’s not total magic, though. And it’s not something that happens overnight. For success with manifestation, you have to set your intention, believe that it will become a reality, then take active steps towards making that abstract idea come to fruition. No matter what your goals are—to learn how to relax, to be more patient, to improve your relationship, to travel more, to find a job you adore, or to simply be kinder to yourself—a vision board is a great tool to have during your journey.

But what exactly is a vision board? Put simply: It’s a visual representation of your goals, says media and life coach Zakiya Larry. These typically poster-sized visuals, contain all kinds of images and text that represent something you’re trying to accomplish.

Don’t confuse it with a mood board, though. While similar, they are not one in the same. A mood board is more of a planning tool used for aesthetics—decorating a room or planning a party scheme. A vision board, on the other hand, relates to your life direction, says Larry.

There are really no rules when it comes to vision boards, since it’s about crafting something that will inspire you to realize your dreams and goals on a daily basis. Some vision boards hone in on a singular idea, while others look at the bigger picture of what you might want the future to look like.

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